Links to Contemporary Jewellery and Silversmithing websites

These links are provided for reference to Contemporary Jewellery and Silversmithing Galleries and organisations in Australia and Overseas. This page will be updated on a regular basis.

Contemporary Jewellery

Bench Peg

A digital newsletter for the jewellery industry and allied trades aimed at promoting information from across the trade.

Helen Britton

International contemporary jeweller

COTA – Courtesy of the Artist

Contemporary jewellery and objects Gallery Sydney, Australia.
Gallery Funaki

Contemporary jewellery and objects Gallery Melbourne, Australia.

Kit and Caboodle

An online network of makers, galleries, bloggers, teachers, students and outlets in Australia and New Zealand. You can join the network and show your work.


European contmeporary jewellery

Studio Ingot

Contemporary handmade jewellery and silver objects Gallery Melbourne, Australia.

Bilk Gallery

​Contemporary metal and glass Gallery Canberra, Australia



Contemporary British Silversmiths

An association dedicated to maintaining and advancing the historic craft of silversmithing within the context of contemporary design. They represent a valuable forum for silversmiths throughout the United Kingdom and an important point of contact for anyone interested in modern silverware. Conducting exhibitions, education and outreach programs along with talks and demonstrations.

The Goldsmiths Centre

A charity for the professional training of goldsmiths. They bring together trainee and working goldsmiths and those interested in jewellery, silversmithing and the allied trades, in a unique community that works and learns together. Their aim is to create a skilled workforce, boost the economy and promote craftsmanship in the United Kingdom.

Silver Speak

Championing the makers within the British silversmithing community raising the profile of the unique craft of silversmithing through public exhibitions. It also provides news and journals to keep you up to date.

 The Silver Trust

A registered charity founded to promote the education, understanding and appreciation of the art, design and craft of British silver. It has formed a national collection of contemporary British silver owned by the Trust and funded entirely through donations, was conceived and is designed to be used in official government residences and to represent and promote the talented silversmiths working throughout the United Kingdom.



The Goldsmiths’ Company

English hallmarking service, valuations and testing. Struck or laser marking.



Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

The Bauhaus Dessau is a centre of research, teaching and experimental design, Berlin, Germany.


A one-stop information site for research about contemporary jewellery designers, art jewellery, statement jewellery, metal artists and the metalsmithing field.

Adrian Sassoon

Offers contemporary works in ceramics, glass, metal, hardstone, wood and paper along with jewellery, monuments and antiques.