Jewellery Making Skills Stages 1 to 3

Introduction to Jewellery Making Skills Stages 1, 2 and 3.

Are you keen to learn how to make jewellery either as a hobby or as a potential future profession?

The starting point is our beginners ‘Introduction to Jewellery Making Skills’ classes.

Each Stage is a five-week course for 3.5 hours per week on Tuesday evening, Thursday and Saturday afternoon. The Friday morning courses are for 4 weeks with extended hours

There are set projects for each stage, which are designed to progress your basic jewellery making skills.

Skills covered include sawing, soldering, filing, basic gem setting, shaping with punches, polishing and use of equipment.

Each Stage costs $495.00 (including GST) and new skills are learned at each Stage.


Stage 1 –Silver Bezel Set Cabochon Ring.

 This stage is an introduction to basic jewellery making skills and you will learn:

  • sawing filing, shaping (pliers, mallets and mandrels),
  • soldering (little torch)
  • polishing (pendant drill).

You will finish the course with a range of copper sawing samples and a silver gem set ring. 

Materials including the silver, copper and a gem and equipment are provided for all Stage 1 students.



Stage 2 –Silver, Toggle Bracelet.

You will consolidate your skills developed in Stage 1 and make a silver linked toggle bracelet.

You will learn new skills including:

  • making jump links,
  • soldering of small jump links,
  • making a T-bar clasp, and 
  •  finishings (use of tumbler).

The silver can be purchased from the studio and the price is based on weight and market price. The average cost of silver for the bracelet is $30.00. 

All equipment is provided.



Stage 3 – Stone Set Pendant 

You will further advance your skills and make a two-sided domed pendant with advanced piercing. You will design your own pendant.

You will learn new skills including:

  • setting a large Cabochon stone -bezel setting 
  • complex sawing,
  • shaping with doming punches,
  • larger soldering,
  • making a bale and
  • more advanced finishings (polishing).

You will make the two-sided pendant in brass and if time allows in silver.

Silver can be purchased from the studio and price is based on weight and market price.

Brass, copper and equipment is provided. 


We hold classes on:

  • Tuesday evening (5.30pm – 9pm),
  • Thursday morning(10am – 1.30 pm )
  • Friday morning (9.30am to 2pm) Note: stage 2 & 3 students only.
  • Saturday afternoon (1.30pm – 5pm).

If you miss a class, you can do a catch up class depending on bench availability.

For classes go to our Book Classes page.